In 2007, Southern California Edison put forth a request to increase its electricity revenues by $2.89 billion dollars from 2009 – 2011 and to pass 7.7% of this increase onto 12 million California ratepayers in a 50,000-square-mile area within central, coastal and Southern California.

In light of the flagging economy, growing statewide unemployment numbers, and ongoing mortgage crisis, Greenlining believes the amount of this increase is unreasonable on its face.  Further, when you consider that Southern California Edison pays its top 25 employees over $1 million annually and were recently punished with fines and forced refunds of close to $200 million for corporate fraud and deceit, Greenlining believes it is highly likely that Southern California Edison will be using the income from the rate increase to fund its corporate largesse and to make-up for the loss in fines.

As an intervenor in the rate appliation, Greenlining has asked Southern California Edison to justify the amount of requested rate increase and to detail where the funds will be spend, and has also asked Southern California Edison to increase the company’s investments in their local communities and to improve their record on hiring and contracting with low income and minority persons across California.

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