Dear Speaker Rendon, Pro Tem Atkins, Assemblymember Ting, Assemblymember Bloom, Senator Skinner, and Senator Wieckowski,

On behalf of the Greenlining Institute and the undersigned organizations, we respectfully write to urge priority funding for the Regional Climate Collaboratives program and the Transformative Climate Communities program to ensure communities hit hardest by climate change have the resources, infrastructure, capacity and leadership to cope with the cumulative climate, health and economic crises they are experiencing. In the wake of the COVID-19, the ongoing climate crisis, and increasing levels of economic inequality, we must prioritize climate equity programs that meet the needs of communities hit first and worst by these multiple threats.

The Regional Climate Collaborative (RCC) program would establish the capacity building and technical assistance infrastructure needed in California's most impacted and least resourced communities. RCC will serve as local hubs to convene local stakeholders, foster partnerships and support the development of community plans and projects to advance local climate action. The program will select collaboratives to build community-driven leadership, knowledge, skills, experience, and resources to identify and access public funding for climate change mitigation and adaptation projects.

The Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) program delivers multiple emission-reducing strategies – like affordable solar-powered housing with access to clean public transit and active transportation – in a coordinated way that can transform communities into models of economic and environmental sustainability. Moreover, TCC directly connects investments to residents impacted by multiple sources of pollution and vulnerable to the anticipated impacts of climate change, and requires robust community engagement in all phases of project development and implementation.

While the Governor’s May Budget Revise included funding for these two priorities, the Senate’s May 25 Budget proposal completely zeroed out these critical climate equity programs.

We specifically urge you to consider the following requests:

  • $35M to the Strategic Growth Council for the Regional Climate Collaboratives Program (SB 1072, Leyva)
  • $500M to the Strategic Growth Council for the Transformative Climate Communities Program