Greenlining Institute Energy Equity Legal Counsel Madeline Stano spoke at the California Energy Commission’s EPIC Symposium about how the Electric Program Investment Charge, or EPIC, can play an important part in a just transition to clean energy that benefits low-income and disadvantaged communities. In remarks at the Symposium’s panel on Equitable and Resilient Communities, Stano described how their work in the San Joaquin Valley showed them how low-income communities of color suffer the burdens of a fossil fuel economy, both socially and environmentally.

Stano explained how they view the Electric Program Investment Charge – a ratepayer program that supports development of clean energy technologies — as a just transition policy, quoting Canadian labor organizer Brian Kohler, who said, “The real choice is not jobs or environment. It is both or neither.”

To further that just transition, Stano urged program participants to “meet communities where they are—physically and metaphorically. Go to the communities you seek to build relationships and show up with curiosity and something to offer.”