Mercury News
By Paul Goodman

Sandoval brings trust, integrity to PUC work

The Mercury News (“To restore trust, change PUC culture,” Editorial, July 1) claims that California Public Utilities Commissioner Catherine Sandoval is not working in the public interest. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have known Sandoval since 2010, initially as her student and research assistant at Santa Clara Law School, and now as a practitioner at the PUC. She acts with the utmost integrity and holds herself and her staff to the highest ethical standards. She has implemented rules regarding private meetings that are stronger than required by state law and instead holds public conversations with all parties present.

Sandoval has been a champion for consumers. She helped stop the wildly anti-competitive AT&T/T-Mobile merger. She also stopped a proposed natural gas storage facility in Sacramento, protecting more than 700 homes from the risk of gas leakages or explosions. Most recently, Sandoval has proposed to automatically fine phone companies that fail to meet service quality standards. Sandoval is exactly the kind of commissioner we need at the PUC.