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Donate to Greenlining!Earlier this month, Greenlining celebrated its 22nd Birthday! Thank you for being part of the Greenlining community, and a friend and ally along the way. In honor of our 22nd year, here are 22 reasons we think Greenlining’s work has earned your support. We hope you will find a few reasons to make a donation and help us continue our advocacy – or better yet, become a monthly donor and amplify the power of your generosity throughout the year!

  1. The Greenlining Coalition is the longest-lasting multi-ethnic coalition of grassroots groups that work together to fight redlining in communities of color.
  2. We and our allies fought for net neutrality and won! New FCC rules protect a free and open Internet for all.
  3. Greenlining got Pacific Gas and Electric to start offering billing in Spanish and Chinese.
  4. Nonprofit Quarterly wrote, “The Greenlining Institute often says what other nonprofits only think.”
  5. Greenlining’s work on supplier diversity in California has generated billions of dollars in contracts for diverse-owned businesses.
  6. Greenlining-sponsored legislation has now brought supplier diversity to the insurance industry.
  7. We helped a working-class Sacramento community successfully fight a dangerous gas pipeline that would have endangered thousands of residents, homes, and two schools.
  8. We warned federal bank regulators like Alan Greenspan about the dangers of predatory subprime lending as early as 2001, calling subprime loans a “time bomb” in a 2004American Banker column. (Unfortunately, when they finally started listening, it was too late.)
  9. Our newspaper columns have brought racial justice issues to readers all over the country, from the Miami Herald to the Anchorage Daily News.
  10. In 2005, American Banker wrote “In the world of community advocates, the Greenlining Institute stands out. Its success in cajoling financial companies to invest in low-income communities, treat minorities fairly, and be good corporate citizens reflects its approach: informed, tough, but cooperative.”
  11. Our 2013 report  looking at the impact on voter turnout when cities and counties hold local elections in odd years led Los Angeles to amend its city charter to hold city elections the same day as state and federal races.
  12. Greenlining’s Leadership Academy has trained over 800 young leaders of color in social justice policy and advocacy.
  13. Academy graduates have gone on to play leadership roles in movements like Black Brunch and become (among other things) San Francisco city Supervisor, San Francisco Board of Education member, and California Supreme Court justice.
  14. Greenlining persuaded Covered California to hire a diversity officer to improve outreach to communities of color and limited English speakers, causing Nonprofit Quarterly towrite, “As a nonprofit advocate, Greenlining is dogged and sometimes ruffles feathers, but that’s what effective advocacy often entails.”
  15. Social and political activist Tom Hayden called Environmental Equity Director Vien Truong’s law review article a “must-read.”
  16. We helped pass the Charge Ahead Initiative, a California law to make electric cars and trucks affordable to low-income communities.
  17. In 1995, Greenlining took Federal Reserve Board vice chair Alan Blinder on a tour of south-central L.A. to show him how the banking system fails low-income communities.
  18. We’re pushing nonprofit hospitals to earn their huge tax breaks through community benefit programs that actually benefit communities.
  19. Greenlining helped draft and pass SB 535, which guarantees that at least one quarter of funds raised by California’s cap-and-trade program will go to underserved communities. And we created UpLiftCA.org to get the word out.
  20. We played a big role in stopping ATT and T-Mobile from merging, preserving customer choice and competition.
  21. Greenlining called out massive tax avoidance by tech companies and other big corporations in two separate reports.
  22. The far-right Washington Examiner called Greenlining “a growing menace.”

Those are our 22, what are yours? Share them with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Wishing you and yours a fantastic 2015,
Orson & The Greenlining Team

P.S. Come celebrate with us at our Summit in Los Angeles on May 8th