An Exciting, Busy Summer in the Greenlining Leadership Academy!

It’s that time of the year again: summer! For our Leadership Academy, that means two big things, the arrival of our Summer Associates cohort, and our annual Academy Graduation in August!

Our 2014 Summer Associates!
We’re proud to welcome and introduce to the world our 2014 Summer Associates cohort! For ten weeks, we have the incredible opportunity to work with these ten diverse young leaders, as they develop and grow their capacities to be advocates for the communities that we serve. Ever wonder what it’s like to be a Summer Associate? Terry Allen, Communications Summer Associate, will be blogging about his experience all summer.
Click here to learn more about the cohort and read their bios. 

RSVP: 2014 Academy Graduation
To cap off the summer, we want to make sure you plan ahead and RSVP to our 2014 Greenlining Academy Graduation, which will take place onThursday, August 14 at 5:30PM in Oakland, CA. Our keynote speaker this year is CPUC Commissioner Carla Peterman. Join us to celebrate the achievements of our graduating cohorts. Ticket discounts are available upon request. RSVP today.

Two New Publications on Supplier Diversity and Covered California

June was a month filled with publications! We produced our annual supplier diversity report card for the energy, telecom, water, and cable industries, and a report examining Covered California’s first year.

Download: Supplier Diversity Report Card 2014
Our 2014 Supplier Diversity Report Card is an annual publication that examines the ways companies in the energy, telecommunications, water, and cable industries do business with minority and diverse-owned businesses. Several companies have touted the gradesthey received in this year’s report, highlighting the importance of boosting economic growth in communities of color. Our 2014 report documents a record-setting year for the California Public Utilties Commission’s supplier diversity program, with $8.5 billion in contracts going to diverse businesses.
Click here to read the report. 

Download: Covered California's First Year - Strong Enrollment Numbers Mask Serious Gaps
The second report that we released this month was “Covered California’s First Year: Strong Enrollment Numbers Mask Serious Gaps.” With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act under full swing, Covered California, our state’s health benefit exchange, saw strong enrollment numbers. However, serious deficiencies in outreach and enrollment still exist. Our analysis finds that more can be done in outreach and enrollment, especially to communities with limited-English proficiency. Co-author Jordan Medina was featured on KPBS as well as several other media outlets discussing our findings and recommendations. Click here to read the report. 

Silicon Valley Needs to Solve Its Diversity Problem

Diversifying the tech industryThroughout this month,  a few Silicon Valley tech companies finally stepped forward and took the initiative to provide their diversity data. In doing so, they finally confirmed what we’ve known all along: Silicon Valley is overwhelmingly white and male. When Google set the trend by releasing its workforce diversity data, we saw it as a golden opportunity to provide solutions for how tech can diversify their industry. Executive Director Orson Aguilar penned an op-ed that calls for the tech industry to take leadership on the issue of diversity by also collecting and releasing data on their executive leadership, reporting supplier diversity data, and setting up diversity councils to improve employee recruitment and retention. Now is the time to diversify the tech industry!

What’s Up in Sacramento? Climate Budget & Community Benefit

Greenlining in Sacramento!Greenlining had a strong presence in the state’s capitol during the month of June. Our Environmental Equity and Health Equity teams were hard at work to ensure that our community’s voices were being heard on several important issues.As the state budget was being finalized earlier this month, our Environmental Equity team advocated to ensure that the budget reflected strong investments in low-income and disavantaged communities affected by the harmful effects of pollution. By working in coalition with many like-minded groups, we now have a budget that provides significant investments in communities through transportation projects, affordable housing near major public transit, and other projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

On the health side, our Health Equity team is sponsoring a bill (AB 503 – Wieckowski) that will clarify the definition of community benefits that non-profit hospitals must provide in exchange for their tax exemption. As it currently stands, there are no uniform definitions or measurements of community benefit spending. Earlier this week, the bill cleared a big hurdle and passed out of the Senate Health Committee. Stay tuned in the coming months for ways that you can get involved to pass this important bill!

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