Philanthropy News Digest

The fast-growing healthcare sector in California presents an historic opportunity to connect low-income African-American and Latino men — who suffer from disproportionately high rates of un-  and underemployment — to middle-class careers, a report from the Greenlining Institute finds. The report, Pathways Out of Poverty: Boys and Men of Color and Jobs in the Health Sector (22 pages, PDF), argues that bringing more young men of color into the healthcare workforce would lead to better, more culturally competent healthcare delivery, but that inadequate investment in K-12 education and the lack of career-oriented curricula make it difficult for them to secure jobs in the health sector. To help dismantle the barriers to meaningful employment in the sector that young men of color often face, the report recommends  more long-term funding for linked-learning programs targeting boys and men of color; securing greater buy-in from the healthcare industry; adopting individualized assessments of criminal background information, in accordance with the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission‘s recommendations; and creating targeted hiring agreements with local governments and health sector employers.