#AreWeOne? Challenging the NBA to Take Real Action on Diversity!

#AreWeOne?In response to Donald Sterling’s racist remarks, the NBA banded together around a collective statement of “We Are One,” but we ask, “Are We One?” Earlier this month, we launched an online media campaign, including a series of powerful infographics, to highlight what the NBA can do to lead on diversity issues, rather than just reacting to crises. Click here to learn more about the campaign!

While we support the actions of NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, on May 6th, we sent him a letter suggesting further actions that can help the NBA become a champion of diversity and opportunity for all communities. Sterling’s ignorance is our opportunity, but we need you to help us spread the word.

You can help support the campaign by sharing the infographics we’ve posted on our Facebook and Twitteraccounts, and by contributing to the online conversation using the hashtag #AreWeOne.

One Step Closer to Charging Ahead for a Cleaner California

Charge Ahead California!We have great news! Earlier this week, the California Senate passed the Charge Ahead California Initiative (SB 1275), which means the next step is to get it passed out of the Assembly! This is a huge step forward for our communities. SB 1275, a bill we’re co-sponsoring with the Charge Ahead California Coalition, would advance the goal of putting one million electric cars, trucks, and buses on the road over the next decade by improving consumer incentives and rebates. This bill will help clean our air and environment by increasing access to clean transportation in disadvantaged communities.

We’re happy to have Senator Kevin de Leon as our bill’s champion in the legislature. You can watch this videoof Senator de Leon testifying on behalf of SB 1275 before it was put to a vote in the Senate. Stay tuned for future updates about the bill! We’ll need your help to make sure it’s signed into law!

Greenlining Says NO to the Comcast/Time Warner Merger

Say NO to the Comcast/Time Warner MergerIn February, Comcast announced its intention to acquire Time Warner Cable in a merger. As an organization critical of such mega mergers, we examined the issue with a focus on affordability and accessibility for low-income consumers. Not surprisingly, we find it to have a negative impact on low-income consumers.

“This deal poses a real threat to low-income customers, whom Comcast has shown no interest in serving,” said Greenlining Institute Energy and Telecommunications Policy Director Stephanie Chen. We filed a protest with the California Public Utilities Commission earlier this month to urge them to reject this merger.

The Greenlining Institute is a member of the Media Action Grassroots Network, a network of grassroots organizations working together for media justice. Check out their Facebook Page to catch a glimpse of the national organizing work happening with the #IVoteNo Comcast/Time Warner merger campaign.

Save the Date: Greenlining Academy Graduation on 8/14/2014!

Greenlining AcademySave the date for our 2014 Academy Graduation, which will be taking place on Thursday, August 14, 2014 at the Scottish Rite Center, in our future home of Oakland, California! We’re excited to have California Public Utilities Commissioner Carla Peterman as our keynote speaker this year.Our annual Academy Graduation is always a special event where our community partners and sponsors gather to network and celebrate the accomplishments of our graduating Leadership Academy cohorts. This year we will be celebrating the achievements of our 4 Policy Fellows and 10 Summer Associates. Look out for more information regarding registration in June! We’ll see you in August!

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