Introducing our New Fellowship Cohorts!

August is one of the busiest months for The Greenlining Academy. Not only did we just wrap up the summer with our annual Academy Graduation (see pictures on our Facebook page), but we were also busy preparing for the arrival of our new fellowship cohorts! We’d like to introduce you to the next batch of changemakers who will be embarking on a journey of self-growth throughout the next year. This year, we have 6 Health Equity Fellows and 4 Policy Fellows. Get to know them:

2014-16 Health Equity Fellows (L to R): Jessica Fuentes, Ozi Uduma, Juan Reynoso, Alheli Cuenca, Francisco Espinoza, Pang Vang.  2014-15 Policy Fellows (L to R): Anthony Galace, Zainab Badi, Joel Espino, Tariq Meyers.
We’re sure that you’ll be hearing more from these 10 young leaders in the months ahead! Stay tuned!

New Issue Brief: California’s Remaining Uninsured

Download: Voices from the Front Lines - California's Remaining Uninsured and the Safety NetEarlier this month, our Health Equity team released a new issue brief titled, “Voices from the Front Lines: California’s Remaining Uninsured and the Safety Net.” While the Affordable Care Act has helped millions of Californians gain health insurance, millions remain uninsured and dependent on a complex, underfunded safety net system. In this issue brief, we share our findings from interviews with staff from safety net providers, foundations that support health work, and a policy nonprofit in order to get perspectives from those on the front lines of health care.

The issue brief has been featured in a number of media outlets, including the Sacramento Business Journal, highlighting the importance of advancing a solution to the issue of having a projected 4 million uninsured Californians by 2019.

Greenlining Urges FCC to Reject Comcast/TimeWarner Merger

Photo Credit: Free PressEver since Comcast announced its intention to acquire Time Warner Cable, we’ve been looking at the issue very closely. In the end, all of the facts lead to the merger being problematic for low-income consumers and consumers of color. Earlier this week, we filed comments to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) urging them to reject Comcast’s request. In our comments, we pointed out Comcast’s rejection of CPUC oversight and their disinterest in providing Lifeline service to low-income consumers. Time Warner Cable, on the other hand, is more proactive in looking for ways to serve diverse populations.

Energy and Telecommunications Policy Director Stephanie Chen said it best, “It would be a disaster to allow a company that’s made at least some effort to serve low-income consumers to be swallowed by a company that’s made only nominal efforts to close the digital divide.” The FCC must reject this deal.

Big Oil is Attacking the Climate Revolution, But We’re Still Winning 

Stop Big Oil!Last month in The Huffington Post, we talked about California’s climate revolution with a special focus on the innovative policies that have been advanced in this state to protect the environment. In this month’s Huffington Post article, we expose the ugly side of this fight — Big Oil. The oil industry has launched an all out attack on California’s climate law, and has enlisted the support of several state legislators. The rich oil lobby has even set up front groups with friendly names like the California Drivers’ Alliance to taint the image of AB 32, California’s landmark climate law, and has also made false claims that AB 32 will decrease jobs and increase gas prices, yet we know that’s far from the truth.

Thankfully, an attempt by the oil lobby to derail the inclusion of gasoline under cap-and-trade regulation was recently turned down in the legislature. Additionally, SB 1275, a bill that we co-sponsored with the Charge Ahead California coalition is poised to be sent to the Governor. The bill will make electric vehicles more affordable and accessible for low-income consumers. Big Oil can try to fool people in their pursuit of profit, but we’re always going to fight back, and win.

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