Poizner Scraps Uninsured Motorist Measure

February 26, 2008 Economic Equity

Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner has dropped plans to pursue a ballot measure that would have allowed police to seize the license plates from – and eventually [...]

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Are Foundations Doing Enough for Society?

February 21, 2008

Source: The Chronicle of Philanthropy | Written by: George Dean and Nativo Lopez Now that California’s Assembly has passed legislation designed to shed light on the [...]


Show Me the Money

February 8, 2008

Source: | Written by: Marshall Lebovits The Greenlining Institute produces an annual report card that grades the largest US banks on their SBA lending activities [...]


The Greenlining Institute Endorses Local Offsetting Concept

February 7, 2008 Environmental Equity

Source: | Written by: Two days ago, the Greenlining Institute – a public benefit organization focused on increasing low-income and minority participation in civic [...]


Berkeley Group Gives BofA Top Rank in Lending to Minorities

February 7, 2008 Economic Equity

Source: East Bay Business Times | The Berkeley-based nonprofit Greenlining Institute gave Bank of America Corp., the top overall ranking among banks making U.S. Small Business [...]


The Color of Charity

February 6, 2008

Source: The Wall Street Journal Online | Written by: The Wall Street Journal Online Just when we thought we’d heard everything from the diversity police, here [...]


Greenlining Demands United States Auto Association to Stop Cheating California’s Military Personnel

January 31, 2008 Economic Equity

Source: The Greenlining Institute | Written by: Samuel Kang The Greenlining Institute, a multi-ethnic consumer protection organization, filed a petition today with the California Department of [...]

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Report Card Ranks Best and Worst Small Business Lenders to Minorities

January 30, 2008 Economic Equity

Written by: Christian Gonzalez-Rivera Contact: Christian González-Rivera Research Program Coordinator Tel.: 510-926-4020 Today, the Greenlining Institute issued its annual report card ranking the performance [...]


How Emissions Trading Can Help All Communities in California and Fight Global Warming

January 30, 2008 Environmental Equity

The United States now stands as the only industrialized nation still opposed to the Kyoto Protocol after Australia ratified the international treaty. Despite the Bush Administration’s [...]


Where Would We Be Without Physicians of Color?

January 20, 2008 Health Equity

Source: Irvine school newspaper New University | Written by: Kellie K. Middleton, M.P.H. As students and future leaders, we don’t think enough about how minorities have [...]

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