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Reforming The Banks: The Next Step in Enhancing the Community Reinvestment Act

March 5, 2010 Economic Equity

Greenlining Institute By Orson Aguilar Public anger over bank bailouts and fat Wall Street bonuses has put enormous pressure on President Obama to crack down – [...]

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Could Goldman Sachs Do to California What it Did to Greece?

March 4, 2010 Economic Equity

California Progress Report Author: Preeti Vissa & Faith Bautista Recent reports that financial legerdemain engineered by Goldman Sachs helped destabilize the Greek economy ought to make [...]

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Cutting Prison Programs Hurts Us All

February 23, 2010

Sacramento Bee By Orson Aguilar The $250 million that California is about to save by slashing vital rehabilitation programs for prisoners will cost us many times [...]


Diversity at Risk

February 20, 2010 Economic Equity

A statement by APIEL NOW! Making students jump through admissions hoops is essential to a world-class university’s prestige. However, for students of color and students from [...]


Prison Rehab Saved Me

February 18, 2010

SF Chronicle By Orson Aguilar The $250 million that California will save by slashing vital rehabilitation programs for prisoners will cost many times that much in [...]


Toxic Triangle Hearings Call for End to Environmental Problems Harming Low-Income Communities and People of Color

February 18, 2010 Environmental Equity

Oakland Local While global warming has propelled environmental issues into the mainstream of American politics, an all-day hearing activists held recently in East Oakland showed the [...]


Energy Efficiency Strategies for Bay Area Communities: Experts Share Options

February 11, 2010 Energy Equity, Environmental Equity

Oakland Local Not long ago, energy efficiency & conservation were considered the ugly step-brothers of environmentalism.  They were overshadowed by their sexier siblings–solar panels and wind [...]


Se Necesitan Latinos

February 9, 2010

La Opinion Orson Aguilar California Este año los latinos tenemos una oportunidad histórica para determinar el futuro del estado de California. Cualquier persona puede tomar parte [...]


Questioning Redistricting

February 5, 2010 By Holly Kernan The way we figure out who our state representatives will be is by cutting California up into little districts — virtually, of [...]


California Redistricting Effort is Out of the Backroom but Not Free of Politics

February 3, 2010

LA Times Shane Goldmacher Ethnic groups say the pool of applicants for a citizen commission to redraw Assembly and Senate districts is too white and too [...]

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