AB 624: A Community Response to an Organized Assault on Diversity

January 9, 2009 Greenlining Diversity & Inclusion

After decades of complaints from the diverse non-profit community, The Greenlining Institute conducted a study in  2005 of the 50 largest foundations in the country to [...]


AB 624: Foundation Diversity and Transparency Act Summary

January 9, 2009 Greenlining Diversity & Inclusion

AB 624 would apply to private, public, and corporate foundation with assets over $250,000,000 based in California.Summary of each point in the bill. This document provides [...]


AB 624: Foundation Diversity and Transparency Act Background Info

January 9, 2009 Greenlining

The Greenlining Institute proposed “sunshine” legislation that would require large foundations operating in California to gather and disclose pertinent diversity data.  This legislation does not require [...]


Community Action Plan on Philanthropy: Addressing the Needs of Diverse Grassroots Nonprofit Organizations in California

January 6, 2009 Greenlining

The Community Action Plan on Philanthropy is Greenlining’s first attempt to summarize the feedback we received from 300 community leaders in multiple convenings held across California [...]


Strengthening Nonprofit Minority Leadership and the Capacity of Minority-Led and Other Grassroots Community-Based Organizations

January 5, 2009 Greenlining Diversity & Inclusion

In December 2008, a group of nine wealthy California foundations, under the umbrella of the “Foundation Coalition”, announced new plans to invest in minority-led nonprofit organizations. [...]


The Philanthropy Shakedown

December 30, 2008 Greenlining

Wall Street Journal Give to ‘minority-led’ charities, or else. In 2006, Publix Supermarket Charities donated almost $30 million to causes that included Habitat for Humanity, the [...]


Philanthropic Investment in the Sunshine State: Analysis of Giving to Minority-Led Organizations by the Top Ten Largest Florida-Based Foundations

December 22, 2008 Greenlining Diversity & Inclusion

This report analyzes the grants made by the ten largest Florida-based foundations, and details the percent of their grants and grant dollars they gave to minority-led [...]

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Philanthropy’s Race Problem

December 8, 2008 Greenlining

By Orson Aguilar A new compromise from foundations might be cause for some optimism. The everyday challenges faced by the people in many neighborhoods seem [...]


We Are Trying to Get Charities to Be More Inclusive

November 11, 2008 Greenlining

The Wall Street Journal Your post-election day editorial attack on community organizers (“The Latest Charity Shakedown,” Nov. 5 – See Below) is inconsistent with the Journal’s [...]


The Latest Charity Shakedown

November 5, 2008 Greenlining

Do you know the color of your donees? The Wall Street Journal What if the Greenlining Institute held a shakedown and nobody paid up? The Berkeley-based [...]

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