bipoc electrician

ADUs Must Be Built for BIPOC Communities, by BIPOC Builders

August 26, 2021 Otelo Reggy-Beane Economic Equity, Leadership Academy

Since I was in middle school, my dad has owned a small construction business. On my way to school, I would help him check the numbers [...]

Keys to home

BIPOC Renters Face Too Many Barriers to Housing in California

August 17, 2021 Mariah De Leon

California has the third lowest rate of homeownership in the country due to sky-high housing costs that leave many Californians with no choice but to rent. [...]


Making Equity a Priority in the Infrastructure Bill

August 10, 2021 Debra Gore-Mann

California Congressional Delegation Must Push for Equity in the Infrastructure Bill At long last, infrastructure legislation based on President Biden’s American Jobs Plan is moving forward [...]


Zero Emissions Zones: A tool to target benefits of vehicle electrification to communities that need it most

July 27, 2021 Leslie Aguayo, David Reichmuth Energy Equity, Environmental Equity

Zero emission vehicle technologies, like battery electric and fuel cell vehicles, are critical to reducing air pollution and climate-changing emissions from transportation. State and federal policies [...]


The Automated Decisions Systems Accountability Act (AB 13) Explained

June 15, 2021 Vinhcent Le Economic Equity, Technology Equity

The public sector increasingly uses automated systems to make decisions and as a way to improve efficiency. However, poorly designed automated decisions systems (ADS) can create [...]


Don’t Leave Low-Income Families in the Dark: California Needs Utility Debt Relief Now

June 10, 2021 Sooji Yang Diversity & Inclusion, Economic Equity

Summers in Los Angeles mean record high temperatures year after year. To combat the heat, my family used to sleep on the living room floor with [...]

There is No Planet B

Climate Budget Must Prioritize and Protect California’s Frontline Communities

June 7, 2021 Vic Vong Environmental Equity

We’ve all seen the devastating stories of blackouts during February’s cold storm in Texas, leading to the deaths of more than 200 people. Early analyses indicate [...]


Why Californians Deserve an Office of Racial Equity

June 4, 2021 Alvaro Sanchez Diversity & Inclusion, Economic Equity

COVID-19 has illuminated in the most vicious way possible that our economy runs on an engine of inequality and white supremacy. When I first saw the [...]


What the U.S. Can Learn from California’s Playbook on Clean Mobility Equity

June 2, 2021 Hana Creger Environmental Equity

Following four appalling years of one Trump-era calamity after another, the ushering in of a new federal administration is offering glimmers of hope for the chance [...]


Making Equity Real: Our 2021 Agenda for the California Legislature

May 24, 2021 Alvaro Sanchez General

The California Legislature is well into its 2021 session, considering hundreds of bills as well as the state budget. In my first post as Vice President [...]

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