Each year, Greenlining’s Economic Summit brings together a diverse array of leaders (public policy advocates, government leaders, grassroots organizers, and students) to connect, brainstorm, celebrate and strategize on important economic issues affecting communities of color. Our Economic Summit is usually held in California (San Francisco, Oakland, or Los Angeles).

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Attend Greenlining’s 2018 Economic Summit

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On April 14, 2017, The Greenlining Institute held our 24th annual Economic Summit in our hometown Oakland, California. We zeroed in on specific issues of particular urgency: the fight to preserve healthcare as President Trump and Congress continue to attack the Affordable Care Act, strategies to build wealth in communities of color, and the role of racial justice in the climate justice movement.

2017’s Summit was all about resistance, persistence, and strength-building.


We have the power and passion to write the next chapter of this nation.

– Orson Aguilar, Greenlining President


Here are some Twitter reactions to Greenlining’s annual racial justice and policy convening:

1. Showing solidarity

2. We woke up like this

3. Celebrating disruptive advocates

4. Alicia Garza. Enough said.

5. Fulfillment

6. Deeply felt conversations

7. Trust Black women, always

8. My excitement when I found out we were trending

9. Closing out with next-level artists

See you at this year’s Economic Summit! #Greenlining 25

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Attend Greenlining’s 2018 Economic Summit

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Conrad Contreras is Greenlining’s Senior Communications Manager. Follow him on Twitter @conradc.