mariacsThe long wait for the new leader of the Small Business Administration (SBA) is finally over. Today the Senate unanimously voted to confirm Maria Contreras-Sweet as SBA Administrator, a position recently elevated to the President’s cabinet. Small businesses will have a strong ally with Administrator Contreras-Sweet at the helm of the SBA. Along with many other small business advocates, we have sounded off to let Congress know that she is the right person for this important job. We’re glad to see they got the message!

Ms. Contreras-Sweet is a first-generation Latina from California who understands the role of small businesses in creating the American Dream, especially for communities of color. As she told the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, “I experienced first-hand the challenges working families and recent immigrants are facing. My record of fighting for women and families stems from these experiences, and if confirmed, I will continue that mission.”

Small businesses are the engine of our economy—but they took a real hit from the financial crisis. We’re looking forward to working with Ms. Contreras-Sweet to fulfill her stated mission by improving access to the capital and contracts needed for these businesses to thrive.

Stay tuned for our upcoming open letter to Ms. Contreras-Sweet congratulating her and recommending actions she should take in her first 100 days of office.