Covered CA LogoYou may remember that back in June we released a new report on how well Covered California did in the first year, Covered California’s First Year: Strong Enrollment Numbers Mask Serious Gaps. One of those gaps was in outreach to Californians who don’t speak English well, and we said that Covered California needed to have a more intentional effort to incorporate diversity and inclusion in to all aspects of its business model in order to better reach the communities they serve, namely communities of color.

Diversity and inclusion efforts need to start from the top in order to permeate all aspects of the organization’s culture and activities. So we recommended that in order for Covered California to meet this goal, it should create a diversity officer position:  a dedicated staff person who was helping to ensure that Covered California’s outreach efforts are culturally and linguistically appropriate for every community the health benefit exchange needs to reach.

I’m happy to report that after much encouragement from Greenlining and our colleagues at the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network, Covered California has released a job announcement for a Health Access and Equity Officer. With the next open enrollment period starting on November 15th, we are particularly excited that Covered California has finally moved forward on hiring for this position, and we look forward to working with whomever they hire to ensure that diversity and cultural and linguistic competency are at the forefront of Covered California’s efforts.  And if you know someone who would be a good fit for this position, let them know about it – applications need to be in by Oct. 27.