Our Community Stories demonstrate how Greenlining’s programs are actually helping individuals and communities of color to succeed.

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Health Equity

Bringing Affordable Health Care to Those Who Need It

In 2001, Santos Campos was diagnosed with a hernia. Soon after, he had a personal emergency which resulted in him losing his job–and his health insurance. Tens of millions of Americans are in a similar position.

Economic Equity

A Path to Success for Diverse Businesses

Maurice Brewster became the breakout success story at Let’s Do Business when his company was offered a $5 million contract to provide services for JPMorgan Chase.

Energy Equity

Saving Energy and Creating Jobs

Avelina Convendo and her husband are senior citizens on a fixed income who have long been frustrated by high utilities bills. They are about to get some relief, through a ratepayer-funded program Greenlining works to protect and improve.

Technology Equity

Bridging the Digital Divide in Rural California

In a world that runs on technology, some communities are being left behind. Nereida Robles has been helping to change that.

Environmental Equity

Survival in a Health Desert

In the West Oakland neighborhood where Margaret Gordon lives, otherwise peaceful views of the bay and the skyline are obscured by a mish-mash of concrete girders, beams, train tracks, and roadways.