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2010 Annual Report

Communities of color have a huge choice to make. We can either position ourselves to be seen as a vibrant solution to the nation’s economic woes, or we can be silent and brace for the backlash. At Greenlining, we have…
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The Role of Race in the Health Care Debate

The health care debate in America is heating up again due to efforts by some in Congress to repeal or defund the health care reform law, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Boehner et. al., 2011). One factor that…
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California’s New Majority

California became a majority minority state in 2000, when for the first time just over half of the state’s population was nonwhite. Recent projections from the California Department of Finance show that in 2040 people of color will represent nearly…
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2010 Election Wrap Up: Where Do We Go From Here?

Voters of color played a critical role in deciding key races this November, both in California and across the U.S. But the influence of big money is a growing problem, and California’s initiative process looks increasingly broken. Greenlining looks at…
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The Greenlining Institute Academy Impact Report

To date, the Greenlining Leadership Academy has trained and nurtured over 700 high school, college, and graduate students. But the success of the Academy is not in its numbers alone. The Greenlining Institute is excited to share the results of…
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