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Green For All Social Enterprise Brief

Have you ever wondered about marketing a service to generate income for social good? If so, this would be a quick primer that might be helpful to get you started. A social enterprise is a project w/n an organization that…
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2011-2012 California Ballot Reform Panel Survey

This longitudinal survey was conducted to get a better sense of how Californians view the ballot initiative process. In wave one of our survey (conducted in June 2011), respondents were asked about their attitudes towards the ballot initiative process in…
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Post Racial: Americans and Race in Age of Obama

Since the election of Barack Obama as the United States’ first African American president, there has been much discussion of whether this means the U.S. has become a “post-racial” society. Does race still matter in America? This question is particularly…
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Initiative Disclosure Report & Recommendations (2011)

As part of Greenlining’s research into ways to make California’s ballot initiative system more responsive to ordinary citizens, we commissioned this analysis by Kim Alexander of the California Voter Foundation. It focuses on campaign finance disclosure, how to make voters…
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The Economic Crisis Facing Seniors of Color

This report summarizes the economic crisis facing seniors of color, particularly in California. It is increasingly difficult for older Americans – traditionally among the most economically vulnerable populations in our society – to live with dignity and economic well-being. To…
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Corporate America Untaxed: Tax Avoidance on the Rise

“Tax issues associated with the transfer of intangibles outside the United States have been a high risk compliance concern for us and have seen a significant increase in recent years. Taxpayers, especially in the high technology and pharmaceutical industries, are…
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Electric Vehicles: Who’s Left Stranded?

Less than 10 years after all of General Motors’ EV1s were recalled and destroyed, electric vehicles are back, and being looked to as a major part of the solution to climate change,air pollution, and America’s dependence on oil. But serious…
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