Letter From Greenlining and Other Organizations Asking Policymakers to Protect Net Neutrality

A letter to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John Thune and Ranking Member Bill Nelson calling for the protection of the free and open internet. The letter urges these leaders to support and continue to enforce the 2015 Open Internet Order and to oppose legislative and regulatory actions that would threaten the strong net neutrality rules already in place.

Joint Letter Asking Data Brokers Not to Build a Muslim Registry or Facilitate Mass Deportations

The Greenlining Institute joined with 15 other organizations to ask “Big Data” and tech firms to pledge to “not allow our data, or services, to be purchased or otherwise used in ways that could lead to violations of the human rights of Muslims or immigrants in the United States.” 

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Letter to FCC Chairman Pai Re: Preserving Lifeline for Broadband

This is a letter signed by a number of consumer groups to the FCC’s Chairman, Ajit Pai, who recently began the process of eliminating subsidies for low-income consumers for broadband services.  The letter demands that the FCC stop this process and ensure reliable, affordable broadband services for all.
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Letter to the Federal Reserve Regarding Proposed Merger Between Cathay General Bancorp and SinoPac Bancorp

The Greenlining Institute wrote to the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco to express its concern about the proposed merger between Cathay General Bancorp and SinoPac Bancorp. Cathay Bank has a poor lending record to low- and moderate-income borrowers, non-Asian ethnic minority consumers, and small businesses.

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Joint Letter to the Presidential Candidates Regarding the Proposed AT&T/Time Warner Merger

A letter from Greenlining and 17 other digital rights, social justice and consumer advocacy groups representing tens of millions of people to Secretary Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump urging the presidential candidates to reject the proposed AT&T/Time Warner merger and oppose growing monopoly power in America.

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Comments to the National Telecommunications & Information Administration on Researching Solutions to Digital Redlining

Broadband is a key tool for economic empowerment in communities of color and equal access to economic opportunity can’t happen without broadband access. Despite nationwide progress in developing broadband infrastructure, the digital divide remains, leaving communities of color with less access to affordable broadband. We need research to determine policy that will bridge this gap.

Greenlining urges the NTIA to gather data on the value and cost of broadband, the effectiveness of federal access programs and how broadband access differs between different neighborhoods with different demographics.

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Addendum Letter to the CA Department of Insurance regarding Aetna/Humana Merger

This letter further clarifies Greenlining’s opposition to the Aetna/Humana merger, and outlines specific provisions that must be made included in the merger agreement. This letter provides detailed guidelines to Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones, who will be submitting his recommendations to the federal department of justice.

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