Greenlining’s Petition to Deny the Comcast-NBCU Merger

Comcast Corporation, General Electric Company, and NBC Universal (collectively the “Applicant”) are seeking to merge Comcast’s cable and content holdings with NBC Universal’s vast content library and production facilities into a newly formed joint venture. In order to do so, they must receive approval from the FCC for the transfer of various licenses. However, before the FCC may approve the transaction, the Applicants must have met their burden of showing that the transaction serves the public interest. Applicants have not met this burden because they have failed to show that the transaction will promote diversity, localism, and competition.

Remarks of Orson Aguilar: The Greenlining Institute Federal Reserve Board Hearing on Potential Revisions to Regulation

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

A Growing Homeownership and Wealth Gap:  Communities of Color More Likely to Be Underwater

The Greenlining Institute thanks the Federal Reserve for this timely review of the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA).  Thank you for inviting Greenlining to address this panel on such an important issue.  I also want to congratulate our very own Janet Yellen for being nominated to be the Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve.   Congratulations Vice Chairman Yellen.
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Letter From Greenlining to the CPUC Urging Consideration of New Steps to Protect Consumers Facing Shut-Off of Gas and Electricity

On September 14, 2010, Greenlining and four other consumer groups wrote to the California Public Utilities Commission to urge the CPUC to quickly take up several issues not yet fully addressed in CPUC proceedings aimed at protecting consumers facing shut off of their utility service. The groups urged the CPUC to address the discrepancies in shut-off rates between different utility companies and between CARE and non-CARE customers, customer outreach and language access issues.

Public Comment to California Redistricting Commission Concerning Staffing & Community Outreach Decisions

Dear Commissioners:

On Wednesday, January 12, 2011, the California Citizens Redistricting Commission will consider two important items that will lay the foundation for its work for the coming months; this includes a staffing plan and a community outreach plan.

Staffing Plan

In the final months leading to the final selection of all 14 Commissioners, the California Secretary of State’s office stepped into a self-appointed roll of determining staff positions, creating job descriptions, and circulating the job announcement among traditional employment networks.  We can all appreciate that the work of the inaugural and newly minted Commission is robust and highly integrated, however, Greenlining believes that the first key role of the Commission is to determine the best structure of the Redistricting California organization, this includes what positions need to be created and their duties.

The influence of another California department without the confirmed authority of the Commission may erode the public’s confidence that the 14 Commissioners are in fact leading the plan for an independent redistricting process. Furthermore, we would expect that the Commission draw from the lessons learned during the recruitment and selection process of the commissioners themselves, and would take all affirmative action to circulate the staff job announcements in such a way that would facilitate the recruitment of California’s best and brightest policy/legal/administrative professional and executive leaders, including those of ethnic and minority background.

We would urge the Commission to consider the following: