Greenlining regularly testifies at legislative and regulatory hearings and submits written filings and comments to official bodies. Browse and search these official filings and testimony here.

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Promoting Diversity of FHFA Leadership

On August 25, 2014, the Greenlining Institute submitted federal comments to the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) on its proposed amendments to promote the representation of minorities and women on the Boards of Directors of the Federal Home Loan Banks…
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Response in Support of TURN’s Motion to Investigate Verizon’s Service Quality Policies

Verizon customers have been complaining that Verizon isn’t maintaining its copper telephone network, so service quality is deteriorating and customers are losing their phone service. When they call Verizon to complain, Verizon allegedly migrates the customer from traditional copper service…
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Greenlining’s Letter to New SBA Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet

In an open letter to Maria Contreras-Sweet, the Greenlining Institute and its coalition congratulated her on being confirmed as Small Business Administration (SBA) Administrator. Greenlining also outlined recommendations for what Administrator Contreras-Sweet should achieve within her first 100 days of…
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