Greenlining’s Testimony to the California Public Utilities Commission Regarding the Proposed Comcast-Time Warner Merger

The California Public Utilities Commission, in the final stages of its review of the proposed Comcast-Time Warner merger, held an All-Party Meeting on February 25, 2015. Four of the five Commissioners attended, and heard from all of the active parties to the Commission’s review proceeding. Members of the public also spoke, many of whom represented organizations that receive support from Comcast. Greenlining testified that the merger should be denied, because it would create irreparable harms for which there is simply no cure.

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Economic Growth Recovery & Paperwork Reduction Act Hearing

Last week, Greenlining, along with other community advocates, testified before OCC Comptroller Curry, FDIC Chairman Gruenberg, and other regulatory agency representatives to discuss outdated and burdensome financial regulations. Over the next year, financial regulators will hold hearings across the country to hear from industry, advocates and the public on this matter.

Attached please find Sasha Werblin’s, Economic Equity Director, formal comments expressed during the consumer advocate panel. Key recommendations focused on modernizing the Community Reinvestment Act to ensure that it reflects the the 21st Century financial services sector.

The hearing took place at the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank in Los Angeles on December 2, 2014.

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Comments to the Environmental Protection Agency on Proposed Clean Power Plan

In comments to the EPA, Greenlining urges the agency to use California as a model in drafting implementation rules for its Clean Power Plan, which aims to reduce carbon emissions from power plants, and to include clear equity provisions in its rules.

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Greenlining/TURN Reply Brief in CPUC Proceeding Regarding Comcast’s Release of Unlisted Phone Numbers

Today The Greenlining Institute and The Utility Reform Network filed a reply brief in the Comcast Unlisted Numbers proceeding. The brief argues that (1) Comcast’s failure to prevent or detect the release of the private information of almost 75,000 California customers, (2) Comcast’s weak remedies to consumers for that breach, and (3) Comcast’s delay in reporting that breach to the Commission and continuing efforts to escape liability through a bunch of legal shenanigans justify the Commission’s imposing the highest possible fine–$50,000 per violation, or approximately 40 million dollars.

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Comments to the California Air Resources Board on Electric Car-Sharing Programs for Disadvantaged Communities

In comments to the California Air Resources Board, Greenlining and the other members of the Charge Ahead California campaign point out the importance of community outreach and infrastructure as key considerations in creating pilot car-sharing programs for electric vehicles in disadvantaged communities.

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CRA Q&A Comments

Recently, Greenlining submitted formal comments responding to the FDIC, Fed, and OCC’s proposed revisions to the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Q&A. The CRA Q&A is used to guide banks on how to structure CRA investments; and examiners on how to analyze these and other activities.

Greenlining’s comments included: a push to improve measurements for how banks meet community financial needs; adding racial and ethnic data to CRA; and including language access as a method for increasing access to financial services.

Attached please find formal comments submitted on November 10, 2014.

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HDMA Comments

Earlier this year, Greenlining submitted formal comments to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) on its proposed enhancements to Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) data. This directive was extended to the CFPB by Congress in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act of 2010.

The CFPB’s efforts to enrich HMDA data is critical to ensuring that all consumers have a fair shot at building wealth through home equity, and that lenders sustainably serve all populations with this goal in mind.

Recommendations included adding: the borrower’s spoken language; Asian American data dis-aggregated by sub-categories; and more substantive reasons for denying an application.

Attached please find formal comments submitted on October 29, 2014.

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Letter to the Federal Reserve Strongly Opposing CIT Group’s Proposed Acquisition of IMB and OneWest Bank

Greenlining urges the Federal Reserve to reject the merger application, arguing that it would have little or no public benefit and that OneWest has demonstrated little regard for communities of color and prefers to operate as a “bank for the one percent.”

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