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PUC to Scrutinize Edison’s Corporate Philanthropy

Thalia González Senior Legal Counsel 510-926-4002 Jesse W. Raskin Legal Counsel 510-898-0506 Berkeley , CA – On March 26, 2008, California Public Utilities Commission President Michael R. Peevey issued a landmark decision which increases public oversight into Southern…
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Public Hearing on Edison’s Three Billion Dollar Rate Hike

Contacts: Thalia González Senior Legal Counsel 510-926-4002 / Jesse W. Raskin Legal Counsel 510-898-0506 / Public Hearing on Edison ‘s Three Billion Dollar Rate Hike: Company Ignores Ongoing Recession, Californians to Pay More for Basic Services Berkeley ,…
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Annual Supplier Diversity Report Card 2008

Source: The Greenlining Institute | Written by: Thalia N.C. Gonzalez Contact: Thalia N.C. Gonzalez Senior Legal Counsel (510) 926-4002 F: (510) 926-4010 BERKELEY , CA – Verizon has surpassed the 2006 & 2007 leader, AT&T, with an impressive 19.3%…
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California Ratepayers Demand Utility Rate Freeze

Samuel Kang Managing Attorney-Consumer Protection 510-926-4004 office 415-317-5946 cell San Francisco, CA – Over 150 ratepayers packed the auditorium at the California Public Utilities Commission on Thursday to protest billions of dollars in pending utility rate increases. Nearly two…
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California Communities should Vote Yes on Prop. 15, No on 16 and 17, Greenlining Institute Urges

THE GREENLINING INSTITUTE A Multi-Ethnic Public Policy, Research and Advocacy Institute Contact: Bruce Mirken, Greenlining Institute Media Relations Coordinator,510-898-2053 BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA — The Greenlining Institute announced its positions on California’s June ballot propositions today, urging voters to approve Proposition 15, which sets…
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