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Big Rate Hikes Pose Questions for Insurance Commissioner Candidates By Carla Saporta and Rosa Martinez The Greenlining Institute Major California health insurers have big rate hikes coming – raising questions that the candidates for state insurance commissioner must answer. The insurance commissioner race has gotten relatively little attention…
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Making Health Care Reform Work

Precinct Reporter Group By Alexis Dennis and Carla Saporta The implementation of federal health care reform — officially known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or ACA for short — is underway. This represents a huge opportunity for communities…
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Reforma Para la Comunidad

La Opinion By Alexis Dennis Rosa María Martí­nez La implementación de la reforma de salud federal””conocida oficialmente como la protección al paciente y Ley de atención Económica (ACA)”” esta en marcha. Esto representa una gran oportunidad para las comunidades minoritarias,…
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