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Mission Statement

The Greenlining Institute is dedicated to empowering communities of color and other disadvantaged groups through multi-ethnic leadership development. Continuing a relationship between alumni and The Greenlining Institute is imperative to the long-term vitality of The Greenlining Institute and its vision. The Greenlining Academy Alumni Association (GAAA) strives to enhance the Academy alumni network and support the development and success of Academy programs, including but not limited to the Fellowship, Summer Associate and Internship programs.

Alumni Board Members 2015-2016

Greenlining Academy Alumni Board Members

Alumni Board MembersL-R: Kenechukwu Okocha, Ashley Arax, JC De Vera, Isabel Cortes, Alberto Avalos, Patrick Brown, Noemi Gallardo, Sunaena Chhatry, Sydney Fang
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  • Noemi Gallardo, Fellow 2012-2013, Chairperson (Email)
  • Alberto Avalos, Associate 2013/Fellow 2013-2014, Vice-Chairperson (Email)
  • John Christian “JC” De Vera, Fellow 2011-2012,Treasurer (Email)
  • Kenechukwu Okocha, Fellow 2007-2008, Internal Secretary (Email)
  • Ashley Arax, Associate 2011, External Secretary (Email)
  • Isabel Cortes, Associate 2012, Fund Development Director (Email)
  • Sunaena Chhatry, Associate 2006, Mentorship Director (Email)
  • Sydney Fang, Associate 2013, Professional Development Director (Email)


The Alumni Board was formed in May 2001, and since then the board has launched the following initiatives to support the work of Greenlining and the leadership development of GAAA members: Mentorship, Academy Recruitment, Fundraising, Alumni Networking, Professional Development Scholarship, and our Annual Alumni Meeting and Mixer.

Academy Recruitment

Alumni are one of the strongest recruitment sources for the Academy programs. All Alumni are encouraged to promote the various leadership development programs: the Fellowship Program, the Summer Associate Program, the Internship Program, the Legal Academy, the IPO High School Summer Camp, and Casa. All of the programs are geared towards young leaders of color and promote multi-ethnic collaboration. Alumni can advance the programs within their respective college(s) as well as their professional and personal networks. If you have a candidate referral, please contact Academy Director Claudia Paredes at


When alumni give financially to Greenlining, they demonstrate that those who know Greenlining best value its continued work. Such support is critical to Greenlining’s ability to fundraise from foundations and corporations. As part of its role in strengthening the Greenlining Academy, the GAAA regularly asks alumni to support the Academy and its programs. Our goal is to increase the number of alums that actively participate in the growth of the Academy, regardless of the amount donated.

To donate, please click here, and remember that any amount you can give makes a difference and is greatly appreciated!

Alumni Networking

Historically, the GAAA has kept alumni connected via the Google Groups email listserve: In April 2009, the GAAA launched an official LinkedIn group, Greenlining Institute Academy Alumni Association, and we encourage all alumni to join this group. This forum allows alumni to search for other alumni, review and participate in different discussion topics, and learn about events happening in their area.

In addition to the connections through LinkedIn and Google, the GAAA recently launched the Regional Mayor program. The Regional Mayor program serves as the main point of contact for alumni in four key geographical regions (San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington DC) for the purpose of networking and alumni engagement.

If you have any questions about the LinkedIn group, the Google Listserve, or want to learn more about the Regional Mayor program, please contact Sunaena Chhatry, GAAA External Secretary by email at

To help facilitate alumni networking, the GAAA established a fund for alumni who wish to organize social or networking events. Regional events are funded at the $100 level. If you are interested in hosting an Alumni Mixer or other function, please contact Sunaena Chhatry, GAAA External Secretary on LinkedIn or by email at

Professional Development Scholarship

The Professional Development Scholarship was launched in February 2008. The Scholarship fund provides small grants to alumni to enable them to attend trainings, conferences or other events that further their professional development. Examples of eligible trainings focus on management, technical and/or leadership skills that contribute meaningfully to the applicant’s professional growth. Scholarships are awarded up to $200 and can be applied towards training and/or travel costs associated with professional development.

For more information and to complete an application, click here.

Reimbursement for General Expenses

The GAAA General Reimbursement Process is meant to reimburse Alumni for expenses NOT related to scholarships.

Most reimbursements made throughout the year relate to the GAAA’s Professional Development Scholarships and Travel Scholarships to the Economic Summit and Graduation. Those scholarships have separate forms for approval and reimbursement (for details about Professional Development Scholarships please email and for details about Travel Scholarships please email The General Reimbursement form enables Alumni to get reimbursed for items such as food and drinks, supplies or travel related to mayoral program events, Academy informational sessions, and other one-time events. This form should also be used for GAAA Board members seeking reimbursement for travel, food, and other items related to the accomplishment of Board business.

Download reimbursement instructions and form, here.

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