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Telecommunications & Technology works to make sure that people at all income levels have access to the information and communications technology that is so vital in today’s economy, and to ensure that telecommunications companies are responsive to the needs of communities of color.

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The FCC Has It All Backwards on Competition and Consumers Will Pay the Price

The FCC just got a new chairman, Ajit Pai. I got to hear him talk at a recent consumer advisory meeting and I have to admit, he charmed me – at least at first. I got excited when he told…
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Tech’s Diversity Problem: Can We Talk?

The tech industry knows it has a problem with diversity. Representation of  Blacks, Latino/as, and Native People at leading companies unfortunately fluctuates between zero and seven percent — not at all representative of the U.S.’s shifting racial demographics. The companies have…
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The FCC’s Net Neutrality Decision Delivers Greenlining Fifteen Minutes of Internet Fame.

            Today, the Federal Communications Commission finally published its ruling on net neutrality.  Under those new rules, your Internet provider can’t block or slow Internet traffic, and can’t give preferential treatment to certain kinds of Internet traffic—what we call “paid…
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