Environmental Equity

Environmental Equity focuses on the emerging green economy in order to make sure that communities of color not only have a clean environment, but also benefit from the economic opportunities made possible by environmental efforts.

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Carbon Revenues Spike: What’s Next for Climate Investments?

Let’s talk carbon policy and equity outcomes for low income Californians and communities of color.  This November, the fourth quarterly carbon market auction of 2017 sold out of carbon allowances, with allowances going for the highest prices in the system’s…
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Clean Tech Innovations for Good

What if venture capitalists prioritized funding a new technology not only for its return on investment, but also based on its potential to positively impact people and communities? The Greenlining Institute has been working as a CalSEED partner for the…
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Climate Resilience: We Can Protect California’s Vulnerable Populations from Extreme Weather

Does the term climate resilience seem unfamiliar? Consider this: Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, devastating floods in South Asia, and the California wildfires.  What do these events have in common? For starters, they all happened during the time I’ve been…
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The CalSEED Initiative: Normalizing Social Equity in Clean Energy Innovation

For the past few months, Greenlining has participated in CalSEED, a grant program that funds creative and innovative clean energy ideas. CalCEF administers the 5-year program that offers innovators an opportunity to apply for early stage funding to support the…
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An Important Step to Clean Air and More Equitable Communities in Los Angeles

By Jimmy O’Dea and Joel Espino Next month, LA Metro, the second largest transit fleet in the United States, will decide what types of buses to purchase through 2030. The decision will impact Los Angeles’ efforts to have clean air, fight…
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Cap-and-Trade, Clean Energy, and Protecting Communities of Color

Oakland, Los Angeles, and Fresno were not always some of the most polluted and impoverished communities in California, but they are now. As California contemplates updating its clean energy policies, including cap-and-trade, we must remember the debt we owe these…
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