Bridges to Health

Bridges to Health seeks to bring the resources needed for a healthy life, including access to care, within reach of communities of color and low-income communities, and to open doors to economic opportunities in the health industry.

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Contemplating Hatred: Reflections on the End of DACA

At this point, we shouldn’t be surprised. Without thinking twice, I can list dozens of examples of moral bankruptcy: Charlottesville, Muslim ban(s), Keystone XL Pipeline, the ban on transgender military personnel, Trumpcare… need I say more? But after President Trump…
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Building Health Equity for Communities of Color while Obamacare is Under Attack

Last month, Greenlining hosted our 24th annual Economic Summit which brought nearly 1,000 attendees together for critical panels, discussions, and networking all focused on “Racial Justice on the Frontlines.” Given the turmoil in Washington, DC, perhaps no other issue has…
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AB 1344 & My Uncle: Informing Our Re-entry Community About Their Right To Vote

“After being in prison, I just wanted to live again…a second chance at life.” – Tio During the height of the racist war on drugs, the police arrested my Tio (uncle in Spanish) and locked him up. He spent five years…
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