Bridges to Health

Belief in the American Dream — the idea that with hard work and perseverance, everyone has an equal opportunity for success — is a defining value of American culture. But the crucial role of good health in being able to achieve the American Dream is often overlooked, and health disparities contribute enormously to the challenges some groups face as they strive to achieve America’s promise.To mitigate these disparities we must focus on racial equity: the condition that would be achieved if one’s racial or ethnic identity was no longer a determining factor in one’s success. We have created a Racial Equity Framework to establish this concept as a guiding principle in our work around implementing the Affordable Care Act, and which we will adapt in all of our health work as well as in Greenlining’s other program areas.

Key elements of the Framework include:

  • Racial equality vs. racial equity. When policymakers attempt to address racial and ethnic disparities by allocating equal resources to each group (a racial equality approach), the unintended result may be strongly divergent impacts on different groups. A racial equity approach can help correct such imbalances.
  • Guiding principles describe a vision of what equity could look like within policy implementation.
  • Guiding questions help policymakers and change agents consider the social and environmental landscape of communities in which they will implement new policies, assisting them in ensuring an equitable and positive impact of policies in all communities.
  • Greenlining case studies on applying the Framework.
  • A toolkit for advocates, including worksheets and a tear-out sheet of guiding values.

You can download the entire framework here.

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