Economic Equity

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Will Congress Spark a New Great Recession?

Newsday By Orson Aguilar Four years before the subprime mortgage meltdown devastated the U.S. economy, my organization warned Federal Reserve Board Chair Alan Greenspan that a deregulated financial sector was hurtling us toward disaster. The New York Times, in recounting this 2004…
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Flagstar Commits $600 Million Over 5 Years to Community Investment; Acquires 8 Desert Community Bank Branches in San Bernardino County

BANK COMMITS TO COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AND SERVICES FOR LOW-INCOME FAMILIES Contacts: Nehama Rogozen, California Reinvestment Coalition, 216-973-2524, Vedika Ahuja, The Greenlining Institute, 510-926-4012, SAN BERNARDINO, CALIFORNIA – Michigan-based Flagstar Bank is acquiring Desert Community Bank in California, establishing…
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Tax Bill Spells Disaster for Americans of Color, Greenlining Institute Says

Programs that Working Families Depend on Face Cuts to Fund Corporate Tax Breaks Contact: Bruce Mirken, Greenlining Institute Media Relations Director,  415-846-7758 (cell) OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA – The tax “reform” bill just passed by the House and Senate spells disaster for…
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