Yesterday I published “Uber Just Gave Its Tech Bros a Raise. Really?!” Shortly after, we received further information on the company’s plans to give raises to all employees starting August 1.

Some of this new information includes:

  • Raises will rectify pay disparities based on gender and race;
  • Employees paid less than the median salary for their role will be bumped up to the median level;
  • Median salaries for all technical roles will be increased by 10 percent; and
  • Employees will receive an additional 2.5 percent salary raise for every year they’ve worked at the company.

In the vast majority of cases, I’d champion any company that addresses pay inequities. It’s critical that companies confront discrimination for justice to exist in the workplace.

However, this decision continues to exclude Uber’s underpaid, exploited drivers (who are considered contract workers and not employees). Our original argument, which you can read more about here, remains the same: Uber can and must treat its drivers with dignity.

Until then, we will continue to hold the ride-hailing giant responsible and say #NoUberOakland.