25 years of fighting for racial justice
2018 marks an important milestone for us: On March 8, 1993, The Greenlining Institute officially incorporated, making the leap from an informal coalition to an actual organization. This anniversary comes at a moment in our nation’s history when the fight for racial justice has never been more important, a moment when everything we fight for is under more intense threat than we’ve seen in decades.

These past 25 years have been a journey – sometimes difficult, often stressful, but also often exhilarating and always powered by hope. We invite you to join us as we examine our history and look ahead to our next 25 years of fighting for racial justice and a future with true equity and opportunity for communities of color.


Our History

25 Years of Fighting for Racial Justice
By Orson Aguilar

Greenlining’s 25th anniversary comes at a time in our nation’s history when the fight for racial justice has never been more important.

More than Fighting Redlining: The Origins of The Greenlining Institute 
By Ortensia Lopez

Greenlining began as a coalition of community activists, trying to get banks to do more in our communities. We didn’t know how big it would get.

Taking a Federal Reserve Official on a Tour of South Central L.A. 
By George Dean

In 1995, the first Greenliners rented a van & took the Federal Reserve Vice Chair on a tour of South Central L.A.’s check-cashing stores to show him how banks neglected poor people. He was shocked.


Young People Changing Policy: The Birth of Greenlining’s Leadership Academy
By Trina Villanueva

Trina entered public policy school to look for solutions to the issues our communities were facing. Greenlining’s Leadership Academy just spoke to her.

Brownfields, UC Merced and Fighting for Environmental Equity
By John Gamboa

The environment is a civil rights issue, but some environmentalists didn’t get it. That got us into some interesting fights and led to the work we do today.

Warning of the 2008 Financial Crisis – and Stopping a New Wave of Predatory Lending
By Orson Aguilar

Years before the 2008 crash, we warned Alan Greenspan that predatory lending could cause a crisis.

Health for All: Pushing Covered California to Get It Right, and What’s Next
By Anthony Galace

Obamacare created a huge opportunity to move toward health for all, but we had to push Covered California to think past the status quo. More work remains.

Fighting Climate Change, Poverty and Pollution — Join Us
By Alvaro Sanchez

Altogether, California’s efforts have resulted in over $1 billion invested in disadvantaged communities to fight poverty, climate change and pollution.

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